Reprise: “So, Tim, what exactly is it you do again?”

Date May 22, 2008

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to be doing an hour-long interview this week on live radio. Well…live internet radio. But “live,” which meant sweaty palms, pacing back and forth, and an elevated pulse. For me.

I survived the experience yesterday, and the on-demand archive of the show is now available. It’s just a tad confusing, in that the interviewer was also named Tim — Tim Riesterer. He’s good. Very good. He covered any number of hiccups on my end.

The archive is broken into four segments — each about 8 minutes long. You can hear how nervous I am at the beginning…and, if you listen to the last segment, you’ll notice that I turned into quite the Chatty Kathy, in that the musical “hook” forced me blurt out borderline gibberish to try to cover one last point.

It’s all available — no registration required or anything — over on the Marketing News Radio site.

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