Carson on a Roll

Date May 24, 2008

Last night was a late night on all fronts:

  • Julie, Carson, and Alana were at the block party that Julie initiated/coordinated as a welcome/farewell/get-to-know-each-other event — diligently planned around the work and travel schedules of as many people as possible on the block, but overlooking…
  • Benton’s first baseball games of the season — a double-header down near the Ohio State campus; Benton and I left for that at 5:00 PM and did not return until 11:30 PM; his team got a thorough shellacking…twice, but the kids hung in and enjoyed themselves throughout

The plan has been for us to head to West Virginia this weekend, but, given everything going on during the week, we weren’t expecting to leave until later this afternoon. Piling Julie’s sinus issues and a lengthy list of around-the-house things that need to get done sooner rather than later, we toyed with the idea of skipping the trip. But, we’ve decided to go.

Julie was running through with the boys that they needed to help out and cooperate: “Benton, I’ll need you to mow the yard. Carson, I’ll need you to edge, and then I’ll need you to drive Molly to the kennel.”

By the time she got to “…need you to edge,” Carson’s eyes had widened into an “uh-oh” expression of concern. The finished the sentence. A beat passed. His expression morphed into a sly grin, and he responded: “Sweeeeeeeetttttt!”

Some pictures from February that came to mind:

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