Benton’s Belated 9th Birthday Party

Date May 31, 2008

With Easter and Spring Break overlapping in late March, Benton’s 9th birthday was celebrated in Virginia at Grandma Marilyn’s house with my cousin, a great aunt, and other friends and family. It just wasn’t going to pan out to have a birthday party with his school friends at that time. So, by the time we returned from our vacation and looked at the calendar, May 16th was the earliest date we could host his birthday party.

For the first time, Benton wanted to have a sleepover. He invited 5 friends, who arrived in time for a pizza dinner and plenty of outdoor playtime. Tim took on the task of keeping Carson happy, which meant a father-son outing to see Speedracer at the movies. This left me, Alana, and 6 nine year olds to play. Despite Benton’s lengthy planning of a pool tournament, air-hockey, and dart tournament in which Tim had to help draft up blank bracket sheets, we spent all our time outdoors playing four square, riding bikes, and throwing glow sticks around. By all accounts, it went very well.

Benton\'s birthday cake

The following evening, our babysitter arrived to take care of the kids as Tim and I headed out for a much deserved date-night. I could not help smiling at myself for my excellent planning – sleepover party on Friday night, date night on Saturday for the parents. Of course, it might have gone too well, as Benton is already lobbying for another sleepover this summer.

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