Redux: Carpet Cleaning

Date June 3, 2008

The carpet cleaning continues. After trying to control Molly’s diarrhea on the carpet last week, I failed. She managed to wake me up several nights in a row. It was hard to decide it if was the thunder, fireworks or the need to go potty. At any rate, I have been “cleaning” the carpet more than I’d like. I finally decided she was not going to have any more accidents. On Saturday night, I successfully kept her in her cage all night, except to bolt outside to go to the bathroom at 5:45am.

Sunday morning, Benton was first downstairs and told me that Molly pooped again on the floor. I was baffled. She was still in her cage….. which meant that Elwyn was now pooping on the floor!!!! So, despite my efforts, I have cut over 9 spots out of the carpet and now have moved furniture, caged off the rest of the room and am heading out the vet’s office to deliver a fecal sample for testing to see if there is a medicine that can help cure Elwyn faster than Molly got over it. We shall see.

The new carpet is due to be installed on Monday. I might have to further procrastinate this project if our little doggie-doo problem is not completely gone.

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