Rookie Baseball

Date June 5, 2008

Baseball season is here. Carson is playing with other Kindergarteners on a Rookie baseball team. This is a step up from T-ball in that the coach pitches to you. After four pitches, the tee comes in. There are some other modifications, but otherwise, this is more or less T-ball with some coach pitching.

At a recent game, I managed to get some pictures that give you the flavor of the game. Tim is assisting the team, so is seen here as the first base coach. What I failed to capture in these pictures were the periods of picking up dirt, climbing the fence, chanting “go potty” or other kindergarten toilet humor, and the numerous other things that like-minded 5 and 6 year olds do when waiting their turn.

Note: Carson is the third player from the right — or the one with the dirtiest pants, as of the first inning.

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