Memory Lane: Anyone for a Julie/Tim Early Dating Anecdote?

Date June 18, 2008

Julie and I headed to our first college reunion a couple of weekends ago. We stayed with my closest friend from college and his boyfriend (recently engaged — we’ll be heading back to Massachusetts some time in the next year or so for our first wedding in ages!), and Julie convinced her closest friend to drive up from New York with her family (we did some arm-twisting when we visited them earlier this spring).

At the barbecue on Friday evening — Trice’s husband, Jimmy, took their kids back to the hotel after the meal (Marilyn flew to Ohio to watch our kids — more on that in another post). I’m sure the free time had nothing to do with the size of Trice’s smile:

Which brings us to the Julie/Tim early dating anecdote. Trice has accepted that she will never, never, never live this one down, so I might as well go public.

There are milestones in any relationship. Many of them are practically clichés. The first time the couple met. The first date. And…the first kiss. In some cases, all three are the same. Certainly not for Julie and me (I’m a gentleman…or at least a slow mover!). I went at things a little backwards, in that I first proposed to her within a week of meeting her (so she claims). But that’s a topic for another post.

We’d known each other for several years. We’d gone on a number of dates — official dates as well as unofficial “just hanging out” dates. One evening, we went for a walk along the Charles River in Cambridge. The moon was up and reflecting off the water. The wind was blowing towards the water, so the pollution aroma was faint. We stopped. We gazed into each other’s eyes. We kissed. I was in heaven!

I walked Julie back to her dorm, where she lived in a single just across the hall from Trice. Clearly, Julie and I had reached a milestone in our relationship. This wouldn’t be one of those evenings where I would agonize over whether or not to go for a goodnight kiss before heading back across the river. Nosirreebob! The ice had been broken. The sun would rise in the east the next morning. Gravity would accelerate any earthly dropped object at 9.81 m/sec2. Christmas would fall on December 25th. And, by golly, I would kiss Julie goodnight!

Except Trice poked her head in.

And, after exchanging a few pleasantries, decided that tonight was the night that she and Julie would peel off all of the glow-in-the-dark stars that the prior resident of Julie’s room had stuck on the ceiling.

An hour later, I headed home.

Trice and Julie were maybe halfway through their task.

Not that I carry a grudge or anything. It all worked out in the end.

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