Carson and Baseball

Date July 14, 2008

Carson’s baseball season is now over. I missed the last game because it conflicted with one of Benton’s games. As an exercise in fairly collosal lack of forethought, Carson’s head coach and I both signed up for responsibilities on two teams — his two sons are the same ages as Benton and Carson, so it really seemed like a good idea at the time. He’s an assistant coach, while I’m the scorekeeper (and “extra hand” at practices I can make it to), for Benton’s team. And he was the head coach, while I was the assistant (and one of two pitchers) for Carson’s team (he continues to claim that I was co-head coach, but I deny it). This made for more game/practice conflicts than we expected, but we managed.

Overall, Carson enjoyed the experience. Here he is…just having run through first base.

After the final game, the team headed out for ice cream and trophies.

Coach Dave handing out the trophies:

And, the team picture. NEXT season…the kids are getting names on the backs of their shirts (lesson learned for Dave and me). Just as the season was wrapping up, I got to where I could reliably name all of the kids on sight.

 L to R (and not listing Coach Dave): Carson, Jacob, Ryan, Nicholas, Evan, Conner, Joseph, Collin, Max, Derek, Craigen, and Alex.

And, finally, Carson and Evan (Coach Dave’s son) showed what team bonding is all about. I bet if A-Rod and Derek Jeter did this sort of thing occasionally there wouldn’t be so many rumors of animosity.


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