Big Machines with Boppa

Date July 19, 2008

Our trip to COSI yesterday included lots of time with Boppa (aka Grandpa Larry). I managed enough pictures of grandkids with Boppa to warrant a separate posting.

Here, Larry poses with Alana before hoisting her onto one of the machines.

Larry was great sport about heading into the centripital force machine that Carson wanted to go on. I refused to go since this type of thing would give me a headache for about 4 hours as my inner ear tried to stop spinning. It is the type of machine that spins about 20 people inside and then has the floor drop down while everyone “sticks” to the wall. Since Carson was SO excited to go and he had never gone before, Larry opted to join him. Unfortunately, the “stick” did not work so well for Larry who slid a bit when the floor dropped and ended up taking a bit of a fall at the end. Carson was not fazed, but we were fortunately heading for home, where Alana napped the entire ride home. Pictures below is the machine with Larry and Carson on the steps waiting in line.

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