Old Friends Visit OH

Date August 9, 2008

This last weekend was a test of the Wilson Bed and Breakfast, as 2 separate sets of friends converged for a visit on the same weekend. One couple and a family of 5 arrived on Friday to put our occupancy at 12 people and 2 dogs. I am happy to report that we were able to accommodate everyone quite easily. It was a fun visit for all. The kids especially enjoyed it as they first had the undivided attention of Matt and Mike, both playing the role of overgrown child rather nicely. Next they had the influx of little people in the form of Brecklyn, Taryn, and baby Fia. Below are a few pictures of the fun had during the course of the weekend.

Brecklyn, Fia, Benton, Carson and Enda hanging out in the family room

Julie and Stephanie hold Red Power Ranger (Carson) and Green Power Ranger (Brecklyn) upside down.

Alana and Brecklyn at the playground.

Carson and Brecklyn digging in the sand.

Carson showing off the $50 toy he couldn’t afford at the Irish Festival.

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