Title This Picture

Date August 13, 2008

Have you ever seen a picture and wondered where the artist came up with the title? Often, the title is the only thing that gives me a clue as to what the artist might have intended. The New Yorker magazine started running cartoons in the back of the magazine a few years ago where they ask for readers to provide captions for the work. It has been interesting to see what the readers come up with. So, take a look at this picture and see if you can come up with a possible title. Please post a comment with any titles or ideas you come up with.

Marker on paper by Alana, aged 3

5 Responses to “Title This Picture”

  1. Auntie Kim said:

    “I see green people… oops, I mean zucchini”

  2. Barbara said:

    “Thirteen flying (or falling) frogs”

  3. Second Tree Blog » Title This Picture (Part II) said:

    […] Title This Picture […]

  4. Jean said:

    Halloween green ghosts?

  5. Jean said:

    Halloween green ghosts

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