Date August 17, 2008

Carson and his friend, Evan, have wanted to have a lemonade stand for months. They filled Ziplok bags with cans of soda and bottles of Powerade during the early spring months in order to go door-to-door to neighbors to sell drinks when lemonade was not an option. A few weeks ago, they asked to have a lemonade stand and I finally said yes since we actually had lemonade on hand.

After making a sign, gathering supplies, and bringing out the ATM machine, they were ready. They seemed to enjoy giving change back more than anything else, even if it meant giving the customer back more money than they paid.

For me, it was a quintessential summer experience! It made me think back to a time when my high-school aged, older brother set up a lemonade stand with his friend, John, while dressed in goofy attire. If I recall correctly, one had a leather, flying-ace type hat on and another had a 5 foot stuffed snake wrapped around his shoulders. (And to think that Paul thought his little sister was embarrassing when she did cartwheels in the mall.) We’ll have to wait another 12 years to see if Carson follows in Uncle Paul’s high-school lemonade selling footsteps. I am pretty sure he is capable of “goofy attire” at this point, but will this last?

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