Family Vacation Part 7: Around the Falls

Date August 27, 2008

We did a couple of day hikes — one with just the Wilsons to Smalls Falls, and then another one after the Herberts arrived to Angel Falls.

Smalls Falls

There will be a “Then and Now” post at some point from this hike…but that’s for another time. Smalls Falls doesn’t really have much of a trail — there are lots of little paths and pathways that meander up along the falls and to another tributary that runs parallel to it.

As tends to happen with group shots, getting all three kids to actually look at the camera, keep their eyes open, and smile at the same time is next to impossible. But, we had Carson in pure Carson form:

And…then we had Alana being charming:

We got to watch a couple that was being “very unsafe” (consensus of all of us). The guy jumped off this rock and then, clearly, was twisting the arm of his girlfriend to do the same, which she eventually did (the picture didn’t have to be this blurry…but it’s all I got):

It was easily 20 feet down to the water, and there were some extremely unsafe rapids immediately downstream.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls was a longer drive and then a mile-long hike in that included wading through several water crossings. Unfortunately, while trying to find an easier crossing at one of these, I took a spill…while carrying Alana. She landed on her bottom, and I took a chunk of skin off and bruised the pad of my left hand. Julie was immediately and decisively anointed the Alana-carrier at that point. By Alana.

The falls are pretty impressive — 90′ with a lot of water. Carson and Jack at the base of them:

Carson, Jack, and Jordan posing on the big rock at the base of the falls:

Bob throws the kids off the rock and declares himself ruler of all that he can see:

And by “throws,” I mean, “Gently helps them climb down,” of course.

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