Vacation Part 11: Goodbye Tim, Hello Newport

Date September 1, 2008

On Monday morning, August 18th, it was time to leave Maine.  We left the cabin in the morning and dropped Tim at the airport in Providence, RI in the late afternoon.  Then, it was off to Newport, RI where I checked into a hotel with the kids and ventured down to the waters edge for dinner and shopping.  We ate at The Barking Crab restaurant where all 3 of the kids ordered fish!  All it took was a little sea air to get Alana to skip her standard chicken nuggets meal.  After that, we got fudge and souvenirs before calling it a night.

Carson and Alana monkeying around on the monkey statue outside the restaurant.

A few weeks before our trip, I had gotten a video from the library about Newport’s mansions.  The kids where surprising interested, so I was really hoping they would enjoy the tour.  I decided we would only see one mansion, so opted for the biggest one, The Breakers.  In hindsight, I think a smaller mansion would have served the purpose, as I forgot that the biggest mansion would have the longest tour (45 minutes).  The kids did pretty well, but I don’t think any of them would claim this to be the highlight of the trip.

This is a picture taken after the tour while we were exploring the grounds of the mansion.

Benton did enjoy the comparison of the formal dining room at the Breakers to the size of our first house in Austin.  Both were just under 1600 square feet.  I enjoyed seeing the Atlantic Ocean and all the views from the bridges as we left Newport.  Here are Benton and Carson on an upstairs patio in the mansion which overlooks the ocean.

After the tour, we left Newport and headed toward Brooklyn.  Along the way we made a stop to see Patty, my dear friend in Greenwich, Connecticut.  I started babysitting for her children when the oldest was 3 and the middle child, Andrew was 18 months old.  I got to see pictures of Andrew and his bride taken earlier this summer.  Needless to say, her kids have grown up a bit in the last 20 years.

We departed Connecticut just in time for rush hour and headed into Brooklyn, NY to see Uncle Paul, Aunt Patty and to meet Markus, my 4 month old nephew.  That is a posting for another day…. Vacation Part 12.

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