New Construction at the Wilsons’ Thanks to Hurricane Ike

Date September 21, 2008

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Hurricane Ike took down a tree in our backyard. Benton got right up in the tree and started sawing off the branches while the wind was still blowing full force:

We had a pretty good layer of sticks and leaves across the backyard, which Alana helped Benton collect to make a fire:

On Monday, with school out, Benton and his friend, Jake, built a circular walled fort out of branches and leaves in our driveway:

On Tuesday, with school out again, they increased the height of the walls and added a roof:

With the door being small and low, the kids came up with a clever way to help Alana get inside:

And, it was roomy enough inside for all three kids!

The kicker is that that’s going to be one nice mess to get deconstructed and ready to be hauled off for brush collection!

One Response to “New Construction at the Wilsons’ Thanks to Hurricane Ike”

  1. Alicia said:

    That is a SERIOUSLY impressive fort…

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