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Date October 31, 2008

My experiment from yesterday is officially mostly a bust. Thanks to a great-uncle and a former co-worker who both reported issues, and a little digging in this morning, and it looks like I inadvertently set up something of an infinite loop in the feed. For now, I’ve reverted back to the way things were, with […]

Trying Out Some Changes on Second Tree

Date October 30, 2008

I don’t know exactly what the results will be, especially for those of you who are receiving updates via e-mail. But, after spending some time talking things through with Kristin of karmalized.com, I’ve ramped up my use of Flickr and have done some RSS feed consolidation. Changes you should see: When we upload photos to […]

Halloween 2008 Preparations: Pumpkin Carving

Date October 27, 2008

On Sunday, Julie and Benton went shopping and brought back three pumpkins. We made a fire in the backyard and set to carving!   To view more photos of the experience (we’re talking 10 photos here — nothing too crazy, although the link will likely have some additional photos added after Halloween actually occurs), follow […]

“Gravity, I defy you!!!”

Date October 25, 2008

We were at Meg and Tyler’s house a couple of weekends ago, and the kids got their trampoline fix — Benton in particular. The downside of a point-and-click camera is that it’s easy to be lazy and not try to fiddle with the exposure, so these are unintentional semi-silhouettes.  

Alana Belts Out Some Tunes

Date October 24, 2008

Alana spent some time in front of the webcam this afternoon. The result… “Five Little Monkeys” “You Are My Sunshine”

How Some Co-Workers Say, “Good-bye!”

Date October 23, 2008

As most of the readers of this blog know by now, I’m leaving Bulldog Solutions to join Nationwide in a few weeks. I’ve still got a few more days left at Bulldog, and I’ll be leaving behind some pretty fun/funny co-workers. Case in point: Some time in the last year — I honestly don’t remember the […]

Leaf Pile Play

Date October 22, 2008

Fall has arrived and that means time to collect the leaves.  Benton used the leaf blower to get the backyard’s leaves piled up.  Once the work was done, it was time to enjoy the pile with Carson.

A Saturday In October

Date October 21, 2008

With Tim’s return from Austin late Friday night, we headed into the weekend ready to hang out at home.  After Carson and I went to his 9:00 am soccer game, we spent some quality time at home doing projects, building things, and playing.  These pictures capture a little bit of what the the day held…… […]

[Non-Family Topic] My Take on the Financial Crisis

Date October 20, 2008

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the financial crisis, as well as reading up on various economists’ takes and listening to some podcasts that have covered the subject. There is a lot of energy being devoted to arguing about who should be blamed. I suppose that’s no surprise as we approach the biennial (or […]

How to Tell You’ve Found a Great Babysitter

Date October 19, 2008

Saturday night: 5:00 PM — Sitter arrives 5:10 PM — Carson says, “It’s Riley again?! She’s always here.” But, he isn’t really upset about it. 5:30 PM — Leave for an evening of clothes shopping followed by dinner 10:00 PM — Arrive home 10:02 PM — Head upstairs. Hear a very cheerful, “Hi, Dad!” from Carson’s […]