A Saturday In October

Date October 21, 2008

With Tim’s return from Austin late Friday night, we headed into the weekend ready to hang out at home.  After Carson and I went to his 9:00 am soccer game, we spent some quality time at home doing projects, building things, and playing.  These pictures capture a little bit of what the the day held……

Tim spent some time installing blinds on the recently painted office windows.

Tim brought back a golfing putter for Benton.  He spent time using it as intended, putting golf balls into it.  After a bit, Benton decided to use it in a different way by using it as part of a contraption.  The truck goes down the ramp, knocks the golf ball into the putter, which shoots the ball back to knock down the dominoes. 

Carson built Star Wars type ships from Legos until he decided to join Alana pounding in nails.

Alana enjoyed pounding nails into boards for well over an hour.

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