Entries from January 2009

Snow Day with the Neighbors (aka, Chaos)

Date January 31, 2009

We had our first real weather of the season last week, which resulted in school closures on Wednesday and then again on Thursday. On Wednesday, I initially thought I was going to slog my way into the office (I was slated to go into the office that’s pretty close to our house), but ultimately opted […]

Leaving Us in Great Pain

Date January 18, 2009

Eight years? Really?! How time flies, in some respects. Eight-and-a-half years ago, I was part of a group of friends and co-workers who got together to fight the election of our then-governor to The White House. The result was a three-song collaboration in the vein of protest songs from the 60s — The GeorgyBush Project. […]

Broken Calculator + Balloon + Benton’s Brain = Entertainment on a Dreary Day

Date January 11, 2009

We’ve had yucky-but-not-really-miserable weather for the past few days — a mix of rain and snow, with temperatures drifting back and forth around freezing. In short — not enough snow to make for good sledding, too much wetness to make it pleasant to be outside, and just enough freezing to make it less than advisable […]

When Idle Thought Meets Minor OCD –> BJ=AJ Date and a He Said/She Said Exercise

Date January 10, 2009

Intrigued by the title? Prepare to possibly be alarmed by a brief glimpse inside my brain. Julie is providing some of the writing in this post, but, to be fair to her, she doesn’t know the full context, and she’s a little leery about the exercise. We’ll see how it goes. I suspect it will […]

Book Review: The Brothers K by David James Duncan

Date January 8, 2009

I don’t normally do book reviews on this blog, but I figured all you aunts, uncles, great-uncles, parents, and grandparents are probably getting tired of this endless barrage of cute kid pictures and adorable kid anecdotes. And, besides, if Kelly over at The Family with Three Last Names can read 70 books in a year […]

The 6-Hour Transformation (aka New Year’s Eve Redux)

Date January 6, 2009

The Ladies at House No. 1 with Drink No. 1 The Ladies at House No. 3 after Drink No. Who’s Counting?

National Museum of the United States Air Force

Date January 6, 2009

As promised in an earlier entry, here’s a recap of our trip to the National Museum of the USAF. We split the visit over two days — arriving on Friday afternoon and walking around until it closed, and then going back on Saturday morning for a couple of hours. The overall layout and the exhibits […]

Go Horns!

Date January 5, 2009

I’ve been a University of Texas baseball fan for several years, but my general Longhorn-ness has definitely intensified since we moved to Ohio. I’m not anti-Buckeye by any means. As I told people both here and in Austin after we moved, I can root for Texas first, the Big 12 second, Ohio State third, and […]

New Year’s Eve…with Kids and Memories from our Youth

Date January 4, 2009

It’s 9:30 on Sunday morning and Julie has just left for her second trip to the gym of the day. She got up early this morning to go and work out, and she picked up a flyer while she was there about a power yoga class that was later this morning. She grabbed bagels on the […]

Family Adventure — Starting at COSI

Date January 3, 2009

We decided somewhat spur-of-the-moment on Friday to make an overnight trip out of town. Initially, we were going to head to Cincinnati, but, after some consultation with a neighbor, decided to head an hour-and-half to Dayton instead to visit the National Museam of the U.S. Air Force. On our way out of town, we headed […]