Entries from March 2009

Alana’s New Haircut

Date March 31, 2009

Tonight, as I was getting dinner ready, Benton came into the kitchen and asked where the large clump of hair he saw was from. I thought to myself that it is just Elwyn shedding on the white carpet. I asked Benton “What do you mean?” What he meant was the large pile of what appeared […]

Hiking with Carson

Date March 15, 2009

Last winter, Carson and I got into a routine for a while of going on Saturday morning hikes. Between soccer and other interests, he hasn’t been all that up for them this year. But, I did coax him out for a hike in Highbanks Metro Park in Powell last weekend. The mid-point of the hike […]


Date March 14, 2009

Thankfully, our kids are pretty thoroughly conditioned to slap on a helmet whenever they’re going to get on something that rolls.

…and he wound up with four stitches in his head.

Date March 14, 2009

I realized I forgot to mention that Benton got his braces off last week. Julie captured the result with her Blackberry: And, today was the Glacier Ridge Elementary Spring Meltdown — an indoor carnival/fundraiser at the boys’ school. Julie took Benton and Carson with her when she went to volunteer for the first shift of […]

HARD Sleeping

Date March 13, 2009

Sometimes, Julie really lines up a day full of back-to-back active activities for the kids. The end result of one of those days:

Texas Longhorn Baseball

Date March 12, 2009

This might be a record when it comes to a time span during which we haven’t added any posts. I’ve been ridiculously busy at work (happy to have a job, no matter how the job itself is…), and Julie’s gotten herself sucked into some major volunteer work through the boys’ school. And…we haven’t been taking much […]