Easter Weekend at the Farm: It’s River Time!

Date April 13, 2009

It’s spring, and it’s been a wet spring, so the river at the farm was deeper and faster than normal — the various gravel bars that are generally above water or at least wadable were well submerged. So, Brett hauled out the inflatable raft.

Eldest grandkid first — Tyler demonstrated how it’s done:


Next, it was Meg’s turn (Carson had found his own special perch to observe the action):


And, finally, it was Carson’s turn:



Not to be outdone, Uncle Brett decided to plant seeds of future recklessness in the heads of his kids and nephews by driving back and forth through the creek (or “crick” — we were in West Virginia, after all) on the ATV.


And, finally, the whole crew returning from the river — if you can’t spot a half-dozen unsafe activities in this picture (Benton in the background counts), you’re not really trying:


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