Elwyn in Memoriam: Take 2

Date July 4, 2009

The initial “In Memoriam” post was hastily posted with the most readily available photos. I went back through a more complete archive and dug up a few more pictures that go back a lot farther — even to pre- and early Benton days.

Pre-kids. Elwyn was a beautiful lab:
Elwyn poses for his holiday greeting card

And, he could be something of a rag doll — could happily doze in the oddest positions:
Elwyn the fur blanket

Always good and patient with kids, especially if they let him give them kisses (Benton wasn’t mobile enough in this photo to have much say in the matter):
Elwyn gives a young Benton a kiss

Benton was the first of many kids — ours and others — who did some full-body sensory play with his fur:
Elwyn as a mattress for Benton

Alana got her share of kisses as well:
Elwyn gives Alana a kiss

And, again with Alana:
Elwyn and Alana on the floor

As a foundation for a pillow pile (Benton):
Elwyn as a pillow for Benton

Hanging out at Town Lake with Carson (and Garrison S.):
Elwyn in Town Lake

Another magazine-cover-worthy pose:
Elwyn being stately at The Farm

Still with some puppy-ness to him, retrieving a stick:
Young Elwyn with a stick

But, his most favorite activity had to be anything water-related.

Retrieving a dog toy:
Elwyn splashes in the water

Retrieving a rock:
Elwyn finds a rock

And, finally, a video of Elwyn actually diving for rocks — the bigger the rock, the better:

One Response to “Elwyn in Memoriam: Take 2”

  1. Beth Homon said:

    I must say that with my new appreciation for dogs, Elwyn was a splendid, big, beautiful, shiny specimen…it’s great to see him in his younger glory. AND what’s with the rock diving…he had his head under the water for what seemed like a long time.

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