Caption this Picture…

Date July 14, 2009

We got a handful of photos that really sort of defy description over the weekend. And, we’ve done “Caption this Picture”-type  posts before (I’ve actually added it as its own category on the site), and we’re due for a couple more!

Very simply, we provide a picture and see if any of our dozens of  readers can come up with a creative caption and leave it in the comments (Dad…really…you can click through to the link and leave a comment on the site. I promise I won’t tell that you took time away from birdwatching-trip-planning to catch up on your grandkids…)

So, here it is:

Caption this photo...

Any thoughts?

5 Responses to “Caption this Picture…”

  1. Paul M. Lyren said:

    Carson: “Hey Benton, what’s a militia?”

  2. Mom said:

    Don’t mess with Texa(n)s!

  3. Larry Wilson said:

    “Stand back or I’ll have to turn my bodyguards on you!”

  4. Amy Bills said:

    All right, babe. I’ll have my girl call your girl and we’ll set up a lunch. Talk at’cha.

  5. Grandma Marilyn Lyren said:

    “Gotcha! While the boys try to figure it out!”

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