Alana’s Birthday was in June…

Date August 9, 2009

Julie won a gymnastics birthday party in some sort of silent auction fundraiser, which meant Alana’s birthday theme was pre-ordained. It worked out well (Benton and I missed it due to one of his baseball games).

There was a good mix of kiddos (the beauty of neighborhood hand-me-downs — only one of the boys in this picture actually has any Texas roots…yet two of them are wearing Longhorn shirts):

The Gang at Alana's Fourth Birthday Party

Including a number of girls from the ‘hood:

The Girls from the 'hood pose for a picture at Alana's fourth birthday party

The facility had a “pit”:

Alana in the "pit" at her birthday party

Of course, what’s really important is the cake!

Alana blows out her candles

Alana blows out her candles

Alana eats some birthday cake

And, later, a couple of the more photogenic presents, like this swimmer’s ensemble from her grandparents:

Alana models her swimming ensemble

And this pink baseball bat and glove, from her dad:

Alana shows off her pink bat and glove (courtesy of her dad)

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