Another Saturday Night in the Driveway

Date October 19, 2009

The weather was too perfect to not have a fire in our driveway last Saturday. It was a small group — only three families — but it was a fun evening.

The classic image of the evening was of four girls aged 5 and under all simultaneously roasting marshmallows:

Roasting marshmallows

That led to some gooey mess with one of the girls (Sadie):

Sadie eats a marshmallow

Which led to a very attentive Molly:

Sadie eats a marshmallow

Meanwhile, the boys were playing with their Go-Gos — using some oversized Janga blocks to build structures for them (these structures were later destroyed by Girl No. 3 in the first picture in this post — younger sister of the two non-Wilson boys in this picture):

Carson, Nate, and Austin with their Go-Go's

So, where was Benton with all these young kids running around? Asleep on his bed, face down and fully clothed. He’d been at a sleepover the night before and had stayed up until 4:30 AM! The sad thing was that he was the one who suggested the fire in the first place, and he was the one who helped collect and cut up the firewood! Nevertheless, the next day, Sunday, he was up for more firewood collecting with Carson in preparation for the fire we’ll have on Halloween (or, at least on the night that trick-or-treating happens, which isn’t Halloween, which is just odd):

Carson and Benton hauling firewood through the back yard

2 Responses to “Another Saturday Night in the Driveway”

  1. Mom said:

    All those bundled-up kids…and Benton in shorts. What a change from Mr. Chilly as a small tyke!

  2. Tim said:

    The kids, frankly, were overbundled!

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