Entries from January 2010

Molly Goes Sledding

Date January 31, 2010

We headed to West Virginia for the weekend and were surprised when it snowed for most of the day on Saturday. Pleasantly surprised! The boys barely waited until the ground was covered before heading out to slide down the hill, despite the 12-degree weather. Julie got the idea to give Molly a ride down the […]

Scoff at Twitter if You Must…but Congrats on the Arrival of Neve Elaine Wilson!

Date January 20, 2010

I had a fun little Twitter experience yesterday. I put Hootsuite up in a browser on my laptop when I’m at work, so I’ve got an easy way to glance over and, in under a second, see if there are any replies, direct messages, or tweets from various lists (it’s not multitasking, as scientists have […]

Burgeoning Videographer Meets Potato Gun

Date January 17, 2010

It’s been a drizzly weekend, which means a not-ideal-for-outside-activity weekend (which, oddly, means a GREAT weekend for me to feel the need to take Molly on a couple of walks; I’m not saying there’s a correlation to all of the family indoor time, but you can draw your own conclusions). Benton rediscovered his Flip Ultra […]

First Snow Day of the Year

Date January 13, 2010

Last Friday was the first snow day of the year (and of the school year). Two of Benton’s best friends, Josh and Jack, came over in the afternoon and then spent the night (and then spent all day Saturday at our house and out sledding with Julie). On Friday afternoon, the three boys…and Alana…spent several […]

Snow Tubing at 15 degrees

Date January 12, 2010

While my parents were here, we made the 45-minute trip out to Mad River Mountain for some snow tubing. It wasn’t very crowded, despite it being a sunny Sunday. Probably because the locals know that 15 degrees is awfully cold weather to be racing down a hill. Our next-door neighbors, the Homons, also made the […]

Grandparent Gifts

Date January 11, 2010

For a variety of domino-effect logistical reasons, when my parents arrived just before New Years, they brought one gift each for each member of the family. Alana’s gift was a set of Bendaroos, which I’d never heard of, but which Alana opened and then squealed, “Bendaroos!” She insisted that she and Boppa set to work […]

Catching Up with Alana

Date January 10, 2010

We’ve got several different cameras, and it’s not all that uncommon for one to quasi-disappear somewhere for a while — into a coat pocket, a laptop bag, or somewhere else. Yesterday evening, I got all of the cameras and emptied out their memory cards…and discovered some pictures from the fall of 2009 that were worth […]