Snow Tubing at 15 degrees

Date January 12, 2010

While my parents were here, we made the 45-minute trip out to Mad River Mountain for some snow tubing. It wasn’t very crowded, despite it being a sunny Sunday. Probably because the locals know that 15 degrees is awfully cold weather to be racing down a hill. Our next-door neighbors, the Homons, also made the trip in a semi-coordinated-with-us fashion.

The Homons in the back and Alana, Benton, and Julie after a run down the hill:

The Wilsons and the Homons after a Snow Tubing Run

Benton, Alana, and Julie after a three-person run down the hill (those black rubber mats act as “brakes” at the bottom of the hill):

Benton, Alana, and Julie after a Snow Tubing Run

Benton and Boppa after a two-person run:

Benton and Boppa after a Snow Tubing Run

Carson and J made the trip, too, but they were in the lodge warming up when I’d gotten my camera out of the car.

One Response to “Snow Tubing at 15 degrees”

  1. Mom said:

    What’s this “warming up” stuff?? 15 degrees is downright warm – it was negative 11 when we got up this morning. Maine makes a gal tough.

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