Burgeoning Videographer Meets Potato Gun

Date January 17, 2010

It’s been a drizzly weekend, which means a not-ideal-for-outside-activity weekend (which, oddly, means a GREAT weekend for me to feel the need to take Molly on a couple of walks; I’m not saying there’s a correlation to all of the family indoor time, but you can draw your own conclusions).

Benton rediscovered his Flip Ultra video camera this weekend. While the initial rediscovery was the result of indoor boredom and curiosity as to how video shot from a camera mounted on top of a Lego truck being pulled by a low-geared electric vehicle that he’d assembled would look, that led to him sifting through some old videos and putting together some compilations. The following is a series of clips from potato gun shooting  with Tyler, Meg, and Brett some time last year in West Virginia.

One Response to “Burgeoning Videographer Meets Potato Gun”

  1. Kristin said:

    That’s awesome! And the music is perfect. Tell Benton I said, great job!

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