Scoff at Twitter if You Must…but Congrats on the Arrival of Neve Elaine Wilson!

Date January 20, 2010

I had a fun little Twitter experience yesterday. I put Hootsuite up in a browser on my laptop when I’m at work, so I’ve got an easy way to glance over and, in under a second, see if there are any replies, direct messages, or tweets from various lists (it’s not multitasking, as scientists have proven that’s impossible, but it’s minimally disruptive, in my mind).

When I got to work yesterday morning, my family list on Twitter (which includes a sister, one paternal cousin, and one maternal cousin) I saa Tweet from 9:49 PM (Eastern) on Sunday from my cousin, Chris, in Seattle:

I knew Chris and Jen were expecting their second child, but I’m not all that great of a cousin, so I wasn’t sure exactly when they were due. I shot Chris a quick direct message (basically, a private text message) telling him good luck, not to worry about responding to me directly, but I’d be watching Twitter for news. Over the course of Tuesday (all times in Eastern, although he’s Pacific):

The last tweet link leads to a picture of my new first cousin once removed:

So, there’s my Twitter anecdote for the day. Chris and I see each other every few years at best. I’d love for it to be more often, but our Life and geographic circumstances are such that that’s not likely to happen. Rather than relying on thirdhand information (from his parents to my parents to me), Twitter gives me a more direct, more timely, connection into his life. I think it’s cool.

Congratulations, Chris and Jen!

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