Molly Goes Sledding

Date January 31, 2010

We headed to West Virginia for the weekend and were surprised when it snowed for most of the day on Saturday. Pleasantly surprised! The boys barely waited until the ground was covered before heading out to slide down the hill, despite the 12-degree weather.

Julie got the idea to give Molly a ride down the hill. Never one to turn down affection, Molly trotted right over to Julie when she called her…while seated on a blue collapsible sled. A tight grip, some nudging with Julie’s feet, and they were off!

Dog on a sled

Julie’s description: “She squirmed the whole time!” (ya’ THINK?!)

The experience had Molly fired up for a bit, shown here racing around several minutes after the ride.


Observing Molly over the remainder of the weekend, the experience clearly (re-)cemented Julie’s status as “alpha” in the Wilson pack — she stayed close to Julie for the rest of the trip!

More pictures to come!

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