Alana on the Farm

Date February 2, 2010

Alana headed outside a couple of times to “clean the snow off of Mommy’s car,” but, for the most part, she stayed inside — Grandma Pam is entirely too much of a draw, especially in sub-20 degree weather.

On Saturday afternoon, she played some checkers with Julie:

Alana and Julie in a fierce game of checkers

She’s totally up for a little smack-talk after a sweet move:

Alana and Julie in a fierce game of checkers

She also entertained herself a bit, hunkering down to listen to a Webkinz podcast while reading a book:

Listenin' to a Webkinz podcast

And…rounding out the day snuggling with Grandpa Bob:

Happiness is...

She announced on Sunday evening, when we’d been back home for just a few hours, that she missed Grandpa Bob and Grandma Pam. Life’s tough.

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