Date February 20, 2010

Did you know there are more than 1000 different gogos? If you do not know what gogos are, they are these little figures that you can play games with like battle and more. You also can get the gogos collector tin. It has 10 gogos that only come with the tin. There are 8 different series. My favorite series is series number 2.

Here is laser eyes. He comes from series 2.

by Carson Wilson

3 Responses to “gogos”

  1. katied said:

    This is great!!! Know I can read about your gogos!! I am excited to come back and check your posts. Have fun with your gogos today!
    Mrs. DiCesare

  2. Mom/J said:

    Well, Carson, I am glad now to know what Gogos are. But I have a question for you: if you put all of your Gogos, and all of your Legos, in your bedroom, would you be able to get into the room yourself??? (That’s the danger in being a collector of things you enjoy. ;o} )

  3. carson said:

    yes I cud 🙂

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