Two Peas in a Pod

Date March 7, 2010

We headed to the farm in West Virginia this weekend, and Benton got to bring along one of his best friends, Josh. We like it when Josh comes over, because he and Benton entertain each other seemingly endlessly (and he’s roughly twice as polite and three times as self-sufficient as any of our kids, so we can’t help but hope that some of either of these qualities will rub off on our kids — no luck thus far).

Getting Ready for Some Four-Wheeling
Two peas in a pod

Aggressively Violating the “No Passengers” Admonition on the ATV
Two peas in a pod

It’s Just Not West Virginia without a BB Gun and an Empty Can
Two peas in a pod

…And Skipping Rocks at the River
Two peas in a pod

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    […] and one of his really good friends (as in “go-to-the-farm good friend”) were the defenders for the duration of the tournament and showed some really good […]

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