Benton’s Birthday

Date March 29, 2010

Benton turned 11 last Saturday (the rollerblades were actually a birthday gift he got a couple of weeks early from his grandparents):

Benton Turns 11

Because we’ve hit spring break, it’s not a good time for him to have much of a celebration with his friends, so that’s been postponed until some time in May. But, he did request that, weather permitting, we do a driveway cookout with any neighbors who were around. Nice weather? In our neighborhood? A driveway cookout is kind of a given!

A Neighborhood Cookout in Honor of Benton's Birthday

By my tally, we had 10 adults, 12 kids, and 5 dogs participate in the evening all told, which was a healthy crowd. One of the dogs was the newest pup in the ‘hood — Oliver.

The latest neighborhood pooch: Oliver

And, to top off the homemade tortillas (also Benton’s request) and sausages, we had a green cherry pie (Benton’s favorite dessert is cherry pie, and he’s all about mixing it up colors-wise):

Benton's Birthday Cake

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