Entries from July 2010

The Birds of Middle Bass Island

Date July 25, 2010

These are some pictures I (Carson) took last week at Middle Bass Island. This first picsher of an adalt barn swallow  barn swallows are the only swallow with a tail shaped like siccers . This second bird p

Corrupting Julie for Half of Her Life

Date July 24, 2010

I suck at remembering birthdays. Hell, I barely know what day of the week it is sometimes. But, early last year, I had a long and rambling post whereby I tried to nail down the exact date that Julie and I met each other. That date, it turns out, was March 23, 1990. Given that, […]

Lobster, Anyone?

Date July 12, 2010

With three functioning cameras floating around, we occasionally find pictures that are a bit dated. This one isn’t that bad — it’s from June 24th when my parents treated Carson, Julie, and Alana to lobster in Dripping Springs.

Alana’s Last Game of the Season

Date July 11, 2010

Alana’s last wiffleball game of the season was yesterday. As always, she had a (wiffle)ball! In the Field At the Plate On the Basepath On Base (Gloves Are Apparently Optional at Times…Alana’s the Baserunner) With Her Trophy

The Springburn Drive Social Circle Is Alive and Well

Date July 10, 2010

Due to early summer travel and vacations running rampant through the neighborhood, we hadn’t had a Friday evening cookout/hangout in our driveway for what seemed like ages. To make up for it, we took things up a notch last night by introducing homemade buffalo wings to the menu for the evening! We fired up a […]

Wilson Family Theme Song June 2010: On the Road Again

Date July 6, 2010

For chuckles, I took a crack at mapping our travels between June 9th and July 4th of this year: Tallying that up: June 9-10: Julie, Tim, Benton, Carson, and Alana drive from Columbus to Dallas for the Love reunion (1,040 miles) June 13: Julie, Tim, Benton, Carson, and Alana drive from Dallas to Lake Whitney, TX (100 […]

She’ll Be Turning Six Any Day Now

Date July 4, 2010

We’ve logged around 60 hours in the car as a family over the past month, and that’s not counting various travels by plane, so I’ve been falling behind on the blog front. Alana’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago. And she had a party. And she had a good time. And it would be […]