She’ll Be Turning Six Any Day Now

Date July 4, 2010

We’ve logged around 60 hours in the car as a family over the past month, and that’s not counting various travels by plane, so I’ve been falling behind on the blog front.

Alana’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago. And she had a party. And she had a good time. And it would be truly awful if she looked back in 20 years and thought her dad wasn’t sufficiently engaged to document the event. So, here goes!

There were games:

Group Game...

Alana and Sadie

There was a spinning chair-swing:

Alana ready for a spin

…which could even handle the big kids, like Benton:

Benton in the spinning swing

Benton’s friend, Nick, took a turn in the spinning swing, too…and was woozy all the way through the pizza and cake:

Benton and Nick

Did I say cake?!

The Birthday Girl and Her Cake

And, any party that wraps up with a zip line (which the birthday girl gets to go on TWICE) has to be a winner, right?!

Alana on the Zip Line

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