Wilson Family Theme Song June 2010: On the Road Again

Date July 6, 2010

For chuckles, I took a crack at mapping our travels between June 9th and July 4th of this year:

Tallying that up:

  • June 9-10: Julie, Tim, Benton, Carson, and Alana drive from Columbus to Dallas for the Love reunion (1,040 miles)
  • June 13: Julie, Tim, Benton, Carson, and Alana drive from Dallas to Lake Whitney, TX (100 miles)
  • June 15: Julie, Tim, Benton, and Alana drive from Lake Whitney to Columbus (1,150 miles — 19 hours!)
  • June 16: Carson drives (rides) from Lake Whitney  to Austin (150 miles)
  • June 21: Tim flies from Columbus to New York City for a conference
  • June 23: Tim flies from New York City to Columbus
  • June 25: Julie and Alana fly from Columbus to Austin
  • July 1: Tim and Benton drive from Columbus to Richmond (500 miles), where they meet up with Julie, Carson, and Alana, who flew there from Austin; all five then drive on to Newport News, Virginia for the Lydle reunion (80 miles)
  • July 4: Julie, Tim, Benton, Carson, and Alana drive from Newport News back to Columbus (580 miles)

Adding that up, the total number of people-miles driven/ridden by the Wilsons over the course of the month: 14,750!

Number of miles logged on the new minivan for these trips alone: 3,600

Number of hours Tim and Benton each spent in the car: 60.

It’s time to just stay home for a bit.

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