Kicking Cuteness into High Gear

Date November 7, 2010

I asked my bride to go for a walk yesterday. By the time we left the house, I was walking with Julie, two dogs, and Alana. Alana heard we were going on a walk and asked, “Can I come?!”

She was on her scooter inside of two minutes (read: faster than Julie was able to get Fia’s mouth harness on):

Scooter time!

Those jeans? Those are hand-me-downs from her older brother, believe it or not. I suspect we’re reaching an age where that’s not going to fly for much longer. The scarf is all just Alana’s natural sense of style.

Alana just assumed that, if we were going on a walk, we must be going on a walk to the playground! We got there, and the only other people there were a toddler and her father. Alana immediately adopted the toddler and played happily with her for the next 30 minutes:

Alana at the playground

Cool air + plastic tunnel slide = static electricity:

On the slide

All day, Alana kept pestering Julie to take her to get high-heeled shoes and makeup. This was fallout from a Disney Magic Show that Julie took Alana and Carson to on Friday night, and Alana was enchanted by the princesses. As it turned out, Julie delayed the high-heeled shoe shopping until today (she’s hoping to find a secondhand pair somewhere), but our next door neighbor brought over some of her makeup and applied it after dinner:

Alana with Makeup

It remains to be seen whether there will be an updated post with full regalia — painted fingernails and high heels.

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  1. Mom said:

    And the source of the fancy dress is ????? (One day I am going to get a camo outfit for our princess just to see what she does with it!)

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