What a Difference Age Makes

Date December 1, 2010

We spent the long weekend in West Virginia, which was Fia’s first trip back to the farm since she mysteriously showed up there back in September. For a day-and-a-half, there were actually four dogs present. Fia was far and away the youngest and most active.

She chased balls:

Benton, Fia, and Carson

She chased her boy (Benton):

Benton and Fia on the Farm

She goaded Molly into wrestling matches:

Fia and Molly

Contrast that with Holly and Molly — the elder pooches — who had each others’ backs when it came to wearily surveying the chaos (this was NOT a posed photo — Holly was sitting off by herself surveying the scene, and Molly just wandered over and took a seat next to her):

Holly and Molly

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