Christmas Wrap-Up

Date December 27, 2010

So, I started to post pictures using a new toy (software) that I got for Christmas, but I figured I should post the standard, hum-drum pictures first.

Alana Tackling Presents from Santa

Alana Early in the Opening Process

Carson not Actually Sitting on a Pile of Presents
(although it looks like he is)

Carson Sits Atop a Throne of Gifts

Benton Opening Presents
(the Longhorn hat was in his stocking)

Benton -- Longhorn Hat Was in His Stocking

Fia Works on Her Gift

Fia enjoys her Christmas present

Disco Alana (She Did Get a Karaoke Machine) with Grandma Marilyn

Granmda Marilyn and Disco Alana

My Refuge for the Afternoon — Five Turkeys Fried Over Six Hours
(my extremities thawed out some time mid-morning on the 26th)

Ready to Fry Some (Five) Turkeys

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