Entries from April 2011

Check Out This Cool Site…

Date April 27, 2011

One of Benton’s classes this year included an assignment where he had to develop a web site about himself. As he and I flew back from our long weekend in Austin last month, I shelled out the $10 so he could work on the project in-flight. That means he’s the first in our family to […]

When Losing Something Brings a BIG Smile

Date April 26, 2011

Alana lost her first tooth last week!

It’s Time for Another Round of “Caption This Picture”

Date April 25, 2011

We have no real schedule for our periodic Caption This Picture posts, but here’s one that we couldn’t pass up: What would an appropriate caption for this picture be?

Water Over the Dam

Date April 24, 2011

It’s been a rainy few weeks in central Ohio. Rainy enough that the O’Shaughnessy Dam five minutes from our house is pretty much running wide open. And, the city just spent a few months paving and overhauling the park above the dam, so it seems to get pretty steady traffic of people coming down to […]

Carson: Flag Football Maniac

Date April 10, 2011

Yesterday was the start of soccer season for Alana and Benton. Today was Carson’s first flag football game. He’s never played organized football (not counting the organized soccer he played, if you want to get all non-American on me). He has now dubbed the sport his favorite. Alana had a good time, too:

First Soccer Games of the Year

Date April 9, 2011

Somehow, we managed to have each of our three kids playing two sports apiece this spring — 2 soccers, 3 baseballs, 1 flag football. Today was the start of the soccer season. What a difference a season makes. Alana largely just “chased the action” in the fall, but she actually got in and played in […]