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Date April 27, 2011

One of Benton’s classes this year included an assignment where he had to develop a web site about himself. As he and I flew back from our long weekend in Austin last month, I shelled out the $10 so he could work on the project in-flight. That means he’s the first in our family to have internet connectivity at 10,000′ (I was working on my laptop, too, but I was disconnected).

For chuckles, we tried to publish it on this domain, and it went really smoothly…except for his “Science” page, which had a video that was wreaking various sorts of havoc. We’ve fiddled around off and on for the past few weeks and never fully solved it (the images on the Science page are now broken, and the video doesn’t run in a continuous loop as it was intended to), but Benton’s moved on to raw HTML, Javascript, and CSS…so I don’t really want to push him to keep troubleshooting in iWeb!

Click on the image below to poke around his site:

For a drag-and-drop development environment (iWeb), and a kid whose sense of fashion is…well…something he got from his dad, I was impressed with what he produced. And, I bounced around to several different web browsers to give it a look, and it seemed pretty good (pesky Science page excepted).

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