Mother’s Day 2011 in Review

Date May 9, 2011

Three kids, all caught on (digital) film.


Saturday afternoon: wraps Mother’s Day presents.

Saturday night: “Dad, wake me up early in the morning so we can go downstairs and make mom breakfast in bed! We’re going to make her pancakes because I know how to make them!”

Saturday morning, a good 45 minutes before either of her brothers had stirred:

Alana Ready to Take Breakfast in Bed to Mom


Got up, signed card, participated in present opening, and saw Julie off to her yoga class.

Then, the rest of us headed down to a nearby elementary school for Benton to give his new RC plane its maiden flight.

Benton Prepping His RC plane

By the end of the day, the plane had made two very brief flights and had a considerable number of repairs applied to it. But, it’s not completely totaled, which is how his last plane ended up, so we called it a mild success.


Sunday afternoon, and my cell phone rings. It’s our next door neighbor:

Beth: “Hi, Tim.”

Me: “What’s up?”

Me (to self): Where’s Carson? Is he here? No. He was outside playing. This probably isn’t good.

Me (to self, continued): On the other hand, I’m hearing no blood-curdling screaming, either through the screen door in our bedroom (my, self, it IS a gorgeous day today, isn’t it? It’s been a while!), nor coming through the phone on Beth’s end. Maybe it’s not bad news after all.

Beth: “Um. Hate to call you like this. But. Um. Well. We sorta’ filled up a hole behind our backyard with water and figured we’d just hose the kids off later. Carson’s in the hole with them.”

Me: “I’ll be right over with my camera.”

Carson’s the kid in muddy shorts. Er. BLUE muddy shorts.




Other Events of the Day

Prior to the mud, Julie and Beth took most of the kids to a nearby park with a waterfall, Benton and I hit the batting cages and Lowe’s (performance stage in the basement is on Alana’s birthday list, so I need to get building), and we had a semi-spontaneous cookout in our driveway with several families to wrap up the day. It really has been raining. And raining. And overcast. And briefly sunn…nope…more rain. Gorgeous weather in the low 70s all day long, and no one wanted to be inside.


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