A Ballet Lesson from Alana

Date May 10, 2011

On Saturday, Julie and I decide to go for a walk, which, by the end of it, included Julie, Carson, Alana, me, one of the boys from next door, another boy from a few houses farther down, and an entire 4-person family (our unofficial skiing companions) we managed to pick up en route from the next street over. While waiting for one of the boys to run to his house to drop off a book before heading out, Alana ran through her ballet positions for me (I wasn’t aware she was taking ballet until a couple of weeks ago when Julie sent me a picture of her in her recital outfit; don’t judge!). She ran through these back-to-back quickly and in order:

1st Position (Almost)

First Position

2nd Position

Second Position

3rd Position

Third Position

4th Position

Fourth Position

5th Position

Fifth Position

Cute Position (Who Knew?)

Cute Position

Gratuitous Head Shot (from the Walk Itself)


One Response to “A Ballet Lesson from Alana”

  1. Mom said:

    Do we have the most personality-full granddaughter in the world or what!? What a cutie….

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