Why Am I Worn Out on a Sunday Evening?

Date May 15, 2011

I’m whipped. Looking back over the last 48 hours, I’ve:

  • Mowed the yard (we’re in that twice-a-week spring mode)
  • Hung out around a fire in our driveway with the neighbors
  • Made made-to-order omelets and eggs and pan-baked apples (Saturday)
  • Attended Alana’s soccer game
  • Attended Benton’s soccer game
  • Had a fantastic date night
  • Made biscuits from scratch and made-to-order omelets and eggs (Sunday)
  • Attended Carson’s flag football game
  • Tried out a new pizza dough recipe (oregano and basil mixed into the crust) — ’twas a hit

And, in and amongst all of that, I hauled out the design I’d sketched up for a performance stage in our basement for Alana (and others) and her karaoke machine:

Stage design

The overall dimensions were driven by a box of bamboo flooring that inadvertently moved to Ohio with us (it was left over from the re-flooring of the common areas that we had done before we moved into our last house in Austin). The stage seemed like as good a use for it as any.

I’d gotten the other lumber during a Lowe’s run with Benton last weekend, and I managed to knock out the construction of the stage over the course of this weekend:

(Almost) Finished Stage

The skirt/trim is slated to be painted black, and, with Alana’s birthday coming up next month, I’m expecting lights and a disco ball (and who knows what else Julie will dream up to trick it out) as early summer additions.

Rock on!


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