It’s Like a Refrigerator with Videos Stuck on It

Date May 24, 2011

Benton’s definitely getting me to the point of, “Gee, when I was in school we didn’t do anything like that!” stories!

One of the classes he’s taking (the same one where he had to develop a web site), includes doing various video projects. The last assignment of the year was to shoot a silent movie. It’s worth noting that none of the 3:01 below were actually shot outdoors — heavy use of the green screen! The beauty of the internet — rather than putting our kids’ artwork on our refrigerator, we can put their artwork on the internet, and their artwork can be videos!

The story (that Benton tells) is that the original assignment was to do a movie that was 2 to 5 minutes long. Benton’s group’s movie was 2:20 on the next-to-last day they had to work on it…and then they were told it was supposed to be at least 3 minutes long, BUT that they could fill that time with credits. They got, er, creative with their credits-lengthening!

If you’re getting this post through e-mail, you will likely need to click through to YouTube to view it.

One Response to “It’s Like a Refrigerator with Videos Stuck on It”

  1. Dad said:

    Wow, I am really starting to feel old because we really didn’t have anything like this when I was in school either. Of course, we did have the horse and buggy back then along with dial up phone and party lines.

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