Summer Trip Part 2 of ? — Rangeley, ME

Date July 31, 2011

Hmmm…nothing like writing Part 1 of our summer trip and then not following up with Part 2 until two weeks later! Since that first post, I’ve made trips to New Orleans and to Austin, which, when shoehorned in amongst work, has kept me pretty busy. Better late than never, though, right?

After leaving Julie’s aunt and uncle’s place in Angliers, Quebec, we drove 13.5 hours east to my parent’s cabin on Rangeley Lake in eastern Maine. Several weeks later, the single photo of our entire trip that continues to spring to my mind is this one of Carson jumping off the end of their dock:

Off the dock!

Benton got to try out my dad’s scythe, which is a left-handed job (as Benton and my dad both are), and which they’d discussed previously, so Benton was curious to get his hands on it when we arrived:

Benton with a scythe

He also got a lesson in sharpening the blade:

Sharpening a scythe

A view from the cabin driveway looking out through the trees to lake (multiple images combined and then enhanced for this effect):

View towards Rangeley Lake (HDR enhanced)

Lounging on the deck — Alana and Carson engrossed in needlepoint while J reads to them (A.A. Milne, I believe, but I may be mistaken on that):

Chilling on the deck with some A.A. Milne

Benton and I kayaked 2 miles into town one afternoon:

Paddling to town

On another morning, Julie and I canoed into town while Benton kayaked, and we had breakfast at Mooseley Bagels. The view from our table:

The Breakfast View from Mooseley Bagels in Rangeley, ME

My parents then brought Carson and Alana to town, and Julie, Alana, and I paddled back, with Carson kayaking.

Cruising in a canoe

Kayaking back from town

Carson’s paddling time was pretty brief before ran out of gas. We tied him to the back of the canoe and towed him the last 1.75 miles into an increasingly strong headwind. At the same time, Alana took occasional turns paddling…with Julie’s paddle (we’d forgotten to grab a 3rd paddle for her to use)…from the middle of the boat. THAT was the longest 2 miles I think I’ve ever paddled.

More pictures in a couple of subsequent posts!

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