Cooperstown, NY — Part 3 of 2 (I know) — the Campground

Date August 21, 2011

It turns out, our long weekend in and around Cooperstown, New York appears to warrant three posts rather than the initially planned two. Rather than staying in a hotel, Julie found Shadow Brook Campground, which had a good-sized camper already on-site that we could rent, a small pond that allowed fishing (no license required), and paddle boats available for a very nominal fee ($5/half hour). That seemed like it would make for more interesting downtime, and it did!

The Pond

We were in the camper tucked back in the trees (you can see some blue chairs in front of it)

Looking over the pond at our campground (we were in the camper back in the trees with the blue chairs in front of it)

The Fishing

Carson had a hook in the water within 15 minutes of us arriving at the site:

Carson fishing at the campground

Benton also got into the action:

The Fish Were Biting at the Campground

And, at one point, even Alana (with doll in tow) gave it a shot:

Carson and Alana fishing...with doll in tow

The Paddle Boats

We didn’t get around to renting a paddle boat until our last evening, but all three kids piled on…

Wilson Kids on the paddleboat at our campground

…and quickly decided that the fun thing to do would be to paddle through the fountain in the middle of the pond:

Wilson Kids...Finding the the Pond at Our Campground

The Playground

Alana went swimming, but, before swimming, she tried out the playground:

Alana at the Campground Playground
Alana at the Campground Playground
Alana at the Campground Playground

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