Hitting the (Grassy) Ski Slopes

Date October 26, 2011

Julie, Alana, Carson and I headed out to our local ski resort on Sunday to see if we could pick up some cheap gear for the coming season. While Julie rifled through the equipment, I took the kids up the slopes on the ski lift they had running (I was struck how much closer and softer the grown looks when it’s white and snow-covered):

Riding up the lift

Riding up the lift

We paused for a picture at the top of the mountain:

A grassy view of the ski runs map

And then headed dowwwwwnnnnn:

Running down the slope

The steep sections were imminently rollable:

Ready to roll...

Rolling down the slope

Rolling down the slope

Although…still sufficiently energy-sucking to require jacket removal before racing down the final stretch:

Taking a break from rolling down the ski slope

Running down the slope

I was then called away to be fitted for a deal on skis and boots, while Alana and Carson headed back to the top for another run (they’re on the lift in the middle of the picture):

Alana and Carson head up the lift

It was a successful outing, and we are almost fully outfitted for when the snow actually arrives.

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