“I don’t want my kids to do gymnastics,” his wife said…

Date October 27, 2011

Early in our marriage, we joked about adopting a Romanian so that Julie could have a kid who might have a genetic inclination towards gymnastics.

Once that urge passed, Julie took up judging gymnastics for a few years.

Then we had kids.

And Julie swore that the last thing she would want (well…right behind football) was for her kids to do gymnastics — too much time and too much wear and tear on the body.

She still claims that is the case, but, when loading pictures onto the computer from my camera, I discovered some pictures that Julie snapped earlier this week:

Alana stretches

Carson on the rings

Carson on the parallel bars

Alana on the low beam

Alana practices a cartwheel on the low beam

Alana getting spotted

If the pictures don’t make you think we might have a kid or two heading down a gymnastics path, would the fact that Julie told me not to delete the blurry pictures just yet “because [she] wants to show Alana some things about her form first” change your mind?

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