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Elwyn in Memoriam: Take 2

Date July 4, 2009

The initial “In Memoriam” post was hastily posted with the most readily available photos. I went back through a more complete archive and dug up a few more pictures that go back a lot farther — even to pre- and early Benton days. Pre-kids. Elwyn was a beautiful lab: And, he could be something of […]

In Memoriam: Elwyn Brooks Wilson 1995-2009

Date July 2, 2009

Elwyn headed to that great big rocky-bottomed river in the sky last night. He had been heading downhill for a while and just got to the point last night where his quality of life had hit the point of extreme on-going discomfort. He had a good run for fourteen years and will be missed.

Double Bonus: Neighbors with a Lakehouse

Date May 27, 2009

Last weekend, we headed up to Middle Bass Island on Lake Erie for a couple of days. Our next-door neighbors have a place there, and three families from the ‘hood headed up for the weekend. Eight kids, five adults, two dogs…and a lot of fun! View a slide show or click on any of the images […]

Frolicking on the Farm — Kids and Animals

Date November 10, 2008

Pictures rather than words…

One week in October – without Tim

Date October 17, 2008

It has been awhile since I have taken the time to post to the blog.  I am WAY overdue.  In the past few weeks we have had many postable events, including a family reunion in Wadsworth with our new nephew Markus.  Those will have to wait.  For tonight, I thought I would give you a […]

A Cooler Climate Does Not Mean Less Shedding

Date June 17, 2008

Ahhhh. Summertime. In a house with just-barely-off-white carpet. And two black dogs. Julie brushed Elwyn for 10 minutes and got the above results. You can imagine what our carpets look like within 15 minutes of being vacuumed.

Redux: Carpet Cleaning

Date June 3, 2008

The carpet cleaning continues. After trying to control Molly’s diarrhea on the carpet last week, I failed. She managed to wake me up several nights in a row. It was hard to decide it if was the thunder, fireworks or the need to go potty. At any rate, I have been “cleaning” the carpet more […]

Crawfishing at the Farm

Date June 3, 2008

During our Memorial Day weekend visit to the Farm, we made it down to the river for some relaxation. The kids enjoyed catching minnows and crawfish. Elwyn enjoyed chasing rocks and trying to shake water onto Alana, Pam and I (click on the pictures to view larger versions).

Flora, Fauna, and Ice

Date January 7, 2008

Good conditions for some pretty interesting ice formations, such as all of the trees being “decorated:” I snuck down to the pond at one point, and it was frozen over, although I’m not sure how thick it was: So the “fauna” shot is a bit of a stretch! There were a flock of 20+ blue […]

As if Elwyn’s Beard Wasn’t Gray Enough Already…

Date January 6, 2008

(more to come in the coming days from our weekend in West Virginia…)