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Autumn in Ohio

Date October 19, 2011

Last Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous fall day. Benton and a few of his friends coordinated one of their get-togethers on a nearby field for a pick-up soccer game. I decided I sneak over and try to get some pictures of the action. When I arrived…they had decided to hang out on the […]

Summer Trip 2011 — Part 1 of ? — Angliers, Quebec

Date July 17, 2011

We seem to have settled into a nice pattern of repeating the cycles of our respective youths, in that the “lengthy summer road trip” is becoming an annual event. This year, we started off with a 14-hour drive to Angliers, Quebec, Canada, where Julie’s aunt and uncle have had a cabin on Lac des Quinze […]

2.5 Years…but It’s DONE!

Date June 8, 2011

Back in the fall of 2008, I tackled a pretty ambitious project to add built-in shelves with a window seat to our office. The woodworking and painting was finished within a month, but the accompanying accessories have dragged out for a while — the need to find the right fabric and find the time to […]

Why Am I Worn Out on a Sunday Evening?

Date May 15, 2011

I’m whipped. Looking back over the last 48 hours, I’ve: Mowed the yard (we’re in that twice-a-week spring mode) Hung out around a fire in our driveway with the neighbors Made made-to-order omelets and eggs and pan-baked apples (Saturday) Attended Alana’s soccer game Attended Benton’s soccer game Had a fantastic date night Made biscuits from […]

2011 Spring Break Part 3a: Niagara Falls (People Free)

Date March 30, 2011

Depending on your interest, this is either a bonus post or a throwaway post. It’s a handful of additional pictures I took at Niagara Falls that didn’t feature any Wilsons in them. Upstream of the falls. The big mass at the top right of the photo is a barge that has been there since 1918 […]

Visiting the Farm: Part 7 (Final) — The Dogs

Date September 19, 2010

Molly’s actually slowing down to the point that she stays close to the farmhouse — peps up long enough to go find a smelly mess to roll in somewhere, and then she’s pretty much done for. Holly and Sophie, though, are still spry enough to roam around. Holly Sophie

Visiting the Farm: Part 5 — Flora and Fauna

Date September 17, 2010

There were several species of butterflies flitting around during our visit to West Virginia. Maybe, some day, I’ll actually learn the species! Carson actually found this fella’ on an apple tree near The High Point: Some Flowers

Visiting the Farm: Part 4 — The Views

Date September 16, 2010

I did a fair amount of walking and riding around the farm during our visit, which meant I spent a lot of time trying to capture the different aspects of the setting. The View The River The Woods The Grass Looking up from the pond to the red cabin: …and down from the hill to […]

The Birds of Middle Bass Island

Date July 25, 2010

These are some pictures I (Carson) took last week at Middle Bass Island. This first picsher of an adalt barn swallow  barn swallows are the only swallow with a tail shaped like siccers . This second bird p

Alana’s Last Game of the Season

Date July 11, 2010

Alana’s last wiffleball game of the season was yesterday. As always, she had a (wiffle)ball! In the Field At the Plate On the Basepath On Base (Gloves Are Apparently Optional at Times…Alana’s the Baserunner) With Her Trophy